A bit about myself


I'm Bex and I've been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. Whilst I have always enjoyed the physical aspect of yoga, I was interested in learning more about its history and role in the modern western world and to gain knowledge about its many benefits.

So in 2015 I enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training course and qualified as an instructor in May 2017.
Since then I have also trained in Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

With a deeper understanding and a renewed love of the ancient practice I decided to build a studio in our back garden where I could teach small groups and individuals. 
At Cactus Yoga I simply want to show others how great yoga can be!


Cactus Yoga

Why Cactus?

So why call a yoga studio cactus?
The desert cactus many of us will all imagine is the Saguaro cactus (pronounced sah-wah-ro).
Strong, resilient and standing tall amongst its habitat the Saguaro is undoubtedly a great survivor - qualities that yoga can help bring about.
In Yoga 'cactus arms' makes perfect sense once you have seen the Saguaro cactus. What may seem a basic shape and posture in fact holds many benefits - it's great for the shoulders and opens up the chest and heart, allowing the lungs to fill with air.
Try it - take a deep breath in through your nose and see how good it feels !